Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, FDI Clinical Research is a center with state-of-the-art facilities that comprise medical treatment for multiple conditions, a 30-bed phase I unit, an in-house bioanalytical laboratory, multispecialty experienced personnel, and the latest in medical technology. We have successfully completed hundreds of FDA-regulated clinical trials sponsored by numerous pharmaceutical companies. Our site has enrolled thousands of patients in chronic hepatitis C clinical trials alone.

We are also an active medical care facility for patients with diverse medical ailments including liver diseases; metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and lipidemias; oncology and hematology, neurologic, musculoskeletal and infectious diseases. Our facilities include nurse stations, medical offices, exam rooms and chemotherapy or infusion chairs. We also have a complete research pharmacy with a clean room for the preparation of chemotherapy and investigational drugs.

At FDI, patients receive their primary medical care, and many of them participate in our clinical trials. This active medical care clinic model provides us with a robust pool of potential subjects for our clinical trials and has been instrumental in our enrollment successes. For our patients, the combination of the best available therapies with expert physician care and access to clinical trials with drugs under investigation broadens their chance of achieving the best medical outcomes.

FDI has facilities for private patient and family consultations including multiple study coordinator offices and conference rooms. Patients that participate in outpatient clinical trials have blood assessments at a dedicated research laboratory prepared with state-of-the-art equipment and software. Ambulatory patients that require multiple blood draws in a day have a special 8-chair station where they can stay for up to 12 hours. For the sponsor monitoring of clinical trials, our facilities can accommodate 8 people, with phone and Internet access.